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Come Out From Under The Radar?

entrepreneurNew global economy, new world leaders and new rules…

In today’s competitive job market and business environment, being qualified is as uneventful as breathing.

You need to scrape beyond the surface of your skills and qualifications to help employers understand your value.

Qualifications are nice, but value proposition and brand distinction gets you noticed

Unless you have a strong online presence and a consistent executive brand reputation throughout your industry with key decision makers, you will be overlooked and outcompeted for everything…the best jobs, the best promotions, the best career opportunities.

Your one-dimensional, “me-oriented” executive resume is never going to be enough

Today’s executive resume is more than a flat, historical document that you blast to recruiters and employers. More importantly, your executive resume is a conversation starter, a networking tool and quick way to introduce your career background to decision makers.

But you need more.

  • You must be clear on your executive brand, professional reputation and value proposition
  • You must be able to confidently articulate your brand strengths and what you bring to the table
  • You must be able to press past self-doubt and go after your BOLD goals not safe, easy-to-reach wins

Executive branding, personal branding and leadership branding are all essential for your career success

To be able to identify your personal brand and leverage your brand strengths in any business scenario is what you need for success. In addition, when your executive brand communications and career marketing strategy is done right, your reputation speaks for itself.

Whether someone finds you online through a tool like LinkedIn, your executive resume lands on the desk of a top recruiter or you get personally introduced to an industry leader, your career and brand distinction should be clear and consistent.

Everything must come together from your ROI-focused executive career documents and social media profiles to your elevator pitches and compelling talking points.

Your career success will stem from ongoing career marketing and management

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. However, it will never happen until you get started. Did you know that over 85% of your contacts, recruiters, employers and strategic partners will do a “Google” search your name first before contacting you…even if you come highly recommended?

Now, it’s more than a LinkedIn profile and being in the news. Your executive career success is about a powerful brand profile (online and offline) that works for you around the clock.

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As Featured In…

As Featured In...

So where are you today in terms of your career growth and career success?

If you are finally ready to make that career move, stop operating under your potential and actively pursue leadership roles that match your interests, passions and strengths, I am glad you stopped by…because I can help you.

You have reached the right place, so tell me…

Where are you stuck and what’s holding you back?

  • You’re not confident with “selling” yourself despite your strong achievements, leadership strengths and skills
  • You’re in a career transition and doing a job search for the first time in 20+ years and have no idea where to begin
  • You’re qualified and ready to move from senior manager to leadership roles, but not sure how branding can help
  • You’re in a need of an executive resume, but NEVER needed one because the jobs always came to you

I have the right executive coaching and executive branding solutions for you

I collaborate with forward-thinking executives, pioneering CEOs, and emerging women leaders who struggle with self-marketing and executive branding, need to attract the right opportunities, desire to become top leaders in their fields and have greater career satisfaction and impact.

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In business since 1997, my strategic executive / career transition coaching and executive branding programs are designed to help you:

  • articulate your leadership strengths and distinctive value proposition to strategic partners, employers and recruiters
  • discover your executive brand and how to leverage it for ongoing career management and competitive job searches
  • embrace self-promotion, self-marketing and effective “self-bragging” to increase your leadership presence
  • identify career-defining accomplishments and standout contributions for your executive resume and LinkedIn
  • attract new career opportunities that align with your passion, purpose and interests
  • gain clarity and confidence around career changes and career moves that are long overdue

Ready to embark on new journey of career success and professional growth?

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Know your strengths, embrace your worth and love what you do…it’s possible with the right coach

Abby Locke, The Brand Brilliance CoachI am Abby Locke, Executive Coach and Branding Strategist. I was once where you are right now. On the outside, looking in, hoping, praying and wishing.

You see, for many years, I kept moving from job to job, doing the “right” thing, hoping each time that something inside me would spark and it would be different this time.

The reality was this…I knew deep down inside what I wanted to do more. I wanted to help people be their best and operate from a place of authenticity and integrity that gave them, not just career satisfaction, but life satisfaction.

I was always helping family and friends with their resumes and encouraging them to get a new perspective of their strengths and their career contributions.

But on the inside, I was living my own lie.

I tried to convince myself that staying in safe, comfortable zone was fine. Finally, in 1997, I figured I had nothing to lose and made a commitment to stay true to my purpose and go for my BOLD dreams.

Despite all the bumps and highs and lows of entrepreneurship, I have never looked back and have no regrets.

Today, I run an executive coaching and branding services company with a global clientele.

I get to wake up everyday and do what I am passionate about…every time I work with a new client and help them experience breakthroughs that serve as a springboard for their future success, I am grateful for the gifts that God has instilled in me.

I am honored, humbled and in awe of every person who walks away transformed, renewed and confident. I am passionate and committed about people leverage their strengths, interests and passions to live their best life.

So where are you today?

Still in the space of “good enough” because your BOLD goals scare you? Still convincing yourself that you don’t need promotions or more money because right here is comfortable? Still letting other people define what being qualified and being successful is for you?

If not now, then when? Why play small when there is a world waiting on your gifts and talents?

Abby is a fantastic personal brand coach!

“What defines her best from the myriad of other brand coaches is that she delivers on her promise to build power brands that helps executives advance with confidence and clarity. She is a great listener, very focused and strategic. Most important, she gives hope in the situations when you need it most.” – M. Barnes, Global Communications Advisor

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Who I Serve

abby-locke-rulerWe are a perfect match if you are finally ready to operate from your passion, walk in alignment with your gifts and strengths, and achieve your biggest, boldest professional goals. 

  • Emerging women leaders who want recognition, respect and reward, not just more work with plenty of kudos
  • Senior-level professionals with 15+ years progressive experience who want to reach new career levels
  • High-potential individuals who want to break past the managerial roles and be better positioned for executive roles
  • Progressive careerists who have reached crossroads in career and need strategic direction about what’s next and what’s best

I guide my clients forward to dramatic growth and “never-imagined success goals.

What You Can Expect

We will connect through meaningful “dig-deep” executive branding, career coaching and career strategy sessions as we unlock and identify your unique brilliance, gifts and value proposition to the world.

I teach you what to focus on (and what to let go of) to advance and grow in your career. I will serve as your trusted adviser, your sounding board, your “safe zone,” and your personal cheerleader.

I’ll hold you accountable and as powerful at all times to help you move forward! Above all else, I’ll be your voice of reason and “reality check” – I promise to hold bold, courageous conversations with you when needed.

One of my clients in the past described the process as “boot camp for executive branding”. While I don’t want you to get scared at that concept, you can appreciate that I take you and your career success seriously.

I personally like seeing everyone win!

I highly recommend Abby as a career and brand strategist.

“Abby is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator with a unique writing ability to bring your competitive positioning to life. Her exclusive branding system is a powerful, impactful journey that will introduce you to yourself along the way to establishing your value proposition and setting you apart from the crowd.” – L. Prout, CIO

Abby is gifted when it comes to helping her clients clearly
and powerfully market themselves professionally.

“Her process guides you to capture not the ‘what’ of what you’ve done, but its impact/value to an organization. One walks away with a strong ability to convincingly articulate one’s professional value.” – E. Lebrun, Senior Consultant

What do you want to be in 90 days?

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