Everyone has an unlocked gem inside.

I enjoy the process of helping you dig deep and uncover that personal jewel.

Abby Locke, the Brilliance Brand CoachAbby Locke is the principal of PWS LLC, a global executive coaching and career brand strategy firm located in Washington DC.

Her passion is helping emerging women leaders, executives, and high-performing professionals to discovery their strengths and unique brilliance; get clear what they are passionate about and have the confidence and courage to go after BOLD career goals with everything they have inside.

Her motivation and personal mission is to help everyone win and succeed…in their careers, business and life.

Abby combines a solid business/ MBA background with powerful, intuitive and courageous coaching strategies and proven, step-by-step plans that shift people forward to dramatic personal and professional growth.

In many cases, she helps her clients reach bold, “never-imagined” professional goals.

Respected for her keen, practice advice and thought leadership, Abby has been featured in major media publications and television stations including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Essence Magazine, ABCnews.com, Channel USA-9 and BBC Capital.

In addition to private clients, Abby is frequently retained by corporate and government entities in the Washington DC for coaching and training engagements. More recently, she served as the Senior Career Management Coach at NASA Headquarters where she provided career advancement, professional development and brand elevation solutions to 1,100 employees including executive women, senior managers and emerging leaders. She was also instrumental in coaching and guiding several senior-level professionals to achieve the highly competitive Senior Executive Service (SES) rank. 

Abby also provided career coaching and professional development services at State Department for retiring Foreign Service Officers; MBA students at Georgetown University, George Washington University and American University.

A true proponent of ongoing self-development, learning and growth, she has premium certifications including Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Business Coach, Executive & Leadership Development Coach, Social Branding Coach, Get-Clear, Get-Focused, Get-Hired Coach and Personal Branding Strategist.

As Featured In…

As Featured In...

Helping clients to reach that “aha” moment and embrace their true potential without fear is what keeps me committed and devoted to this line of work.

My Personal Story

2009 TV interview with BELO
2009 TV interview with BELO

I really love my job, but, it was not a smooth ride getting here. More than 15 years ago, I started on a personal journey to take more control of my career and launched my own professional consulting services company.

You see, I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact on the world and I also knew that I wanted to work closely with people to help them realize their personal and professional goals.

The excitement of the infinite possibilities, passion of helping others and dream of making a bigger impact in the world was all I could think of each day.

I worked hard to grow my business organically with ZERO knowledge or practical strategies (yikes) about online marketing, personal branding and ongoing self-promotion.

I believed in the service I was providing and figured that the clients would just keep coming and coming.

Then came the global economic market crash in 2008 and boy, I had a harsh reality check! The declining economy had a triple effect on my consulting business. Many executives and leaders became resistant to pricing, my company sales declined and my poor heart sank as I watched my dream business struggle to stay afloat.

Starting Over The Right Way…

Though feeling defeated and wondering if I had made a mistake in becoming a solopreneur, deep down inside, my passion and purpose refused to let me slip into the background.

So, instead of hiding out and accepting failure as the end of my story, I took a short hiatus, made significant life changes, and came back with a personal commitment to doing business the right way.

For the next 6 months, I looked around and started to study successful entrepreneurs, millionaire coaches and high-profile consultants and quickly noticed a common thread. These individuals invested in their personal and professional growth every single year.

From hiring a coach and joining mastermind groups to attending annual women retreats and purchasing investing in personal development programs, they kept raising the bar for their success.

More importantly, I noticed that successful individuals focused their energy on self-marketing and self-promotion to stay relevant, visible and credible in their industry and fields all year round.

Finally, I discovered the path to a fulfilling career and a lasting legacy…

Enjoying Costa Rica’s raw beauty
Enjoying Costa Rica’s raw beauty

So what happened next? I am glad you asked.

By sticking closely to a 4-step growth plan (mindset, branding, messaging and marketing), I was able to build and sustain a 6-figure business.

I am truly blessed to serve clients from as far as South Africa and Asia to Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

I love to travel and aim to experience at least one exotic vacation place every year…Venice, Greece, Aruba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and more. More importantly, I finally have the freedom to live life according to my passion and purpose while impacting the lives of others.

What is also dear to me, is the ability to financially support family and relatives in need without hesitation.

What dreams do you have about how you want to live your life? Are you sharing your gifts and talents with the world?

Key success steps that I learned (and continue to learn) on my personal journey were pivotal in elevating my brand, solidifying my reputation and achieving my personal success are the building blocks for my signature executive coaching and personal branding programs.

To date, I designed and developed a “first-of-its-kind” executive branding program, ABrandYou™ and I use this in combination with the proprietary, “Discover Your Executive Brand with Archetypes” brand assessment.

This revolutionary program blends the patented principles of personal branding, strengths-based coaching and strategic career analysis to help my clients propel their careers and lives forward.

It works for them and it will work for you. Whether you are an executive seeking to build her legacy through a business, new consultant searching for ideal clients or the successful woman leader tired of bumping up against glass ceiling barriers.

Abby Locke, The Brand Brilliance CoachI personally invite to schedule a powerful, 30-minute breakthrough discovery session with me, if you are finally ready to:

  • raise your executive brand through innovative online/offline self-marketing strategies
  • increase your personal income, industry reputation and profession as a solopreneur/consultant
  • cut through intense market competition and stand out as senior leader in your industry
  • improve your results with landing higher paying, high-profile jobs that align with your passion

Isn’t this what we all want in the end?
The freedom to make choice and live life on our own terms.

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