Discovery Session – Abby Locke

How You Can Get Started

My true gift is empowering leadership, prosperity and success in othersHi…I am excited that you are ready to move forward. The best way to connect is with a complimentary, 30-minute discovery session.

In this confidential phone/Skype conversation, I will help you identify where your executive career is stalled, what needs to be up-leveled and what opportunities are ready for you.

More importantly, we’ll have an open discussion about effective professional growth and career marketing strategies and branding solutions that can transform your career and life.

What You Can Expect

A discovery session with me is a unique opportunity for you to take an assessment of where you are now in your life and your career and revisit your BOLD, Dream-Big career goals and personal aspirations.

Yes, get to ask me questions…all the questions you want about anything you need to know.

…about how I work

….what I look for in ideal clients

…how my coaching and branding programs can help you

…understand my philosophy about career marketing and personal growth

…get to know me better and see if you are a right fit

Furthermore, I will learn more about where you want to be in the next 90 days and exactly how I can be a catalyst and trusted support in helping you reach those goals.

This private session is for only you if want to:

  • Explore private or group coaching and invest in strategic support and resources to moving your career forward
  • Stop internalizing “what is wrong with me” and be actively engaged in identifying and developing personalized solutions
  • Elevate your brand’s visibility and position yourself as high-profile leader and go-to-expert in your marketplace
  • Finally reach the personal, professional and income goals you have…without hesitation or confusion

This is NOT for you if:

  • Still need approval, validation or consent to make the best decisions for your career or life
  • Do not have access to financial resources needed to invest in your personal growth and professional success
  • Are just not ready to take BIG actions that can take you higher and accelerate success in your personal life

Your must fall in one of the following categories/criteria:

  • Emerging women leaders who want recognition, respect and reward, not just a big workload
  • Senior-level professionals with 15+ years progressive experience who want to reach new career levels
  • High-potential individuals who want to break free of manager title and be better positioned for executive roles
  • Progressive careerists who are at a career crossroads and need strategic direction about what’s next

What Else You Should Know

I reserve my discovery sessions for select individuals who want to accelerate change in their careers and personal lives and are seriously considering working with me.  Please be open and honest in your answers and take the time to be complete in your applications.

Use one of the following links to submit your application for a discovery session:


Executive Career Reboot Program
VIP Executive Branding Program
Executive & Career Coaching Program
Resume Revamp Program
Consultant Branding Program

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