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“Everything evolves in your life and your world when you decide to stop playing small” – Abby Locke

Abby Locke, The Brand Brilliance Coach

If you need to get enthused, excited and engaged about your career or your life, I can help.

As someone who has survived the roller coaster of the corporate world, I understand the nuances of the ever changing workplace and what it takes to move forward and keep moving forward.

I can easily identify how, why and where you are stuck in your career journey.

I can guide you to getting on the right path, identify career options you may be overlooking, steer you to attract better job opportunities and advise you on promoting yourself effectively.

All so you can achieve the professional growth and career success that you want in your life.

  • increase your internal power, confidence, authority and fulfillment
  • step fully into your passions, talents and self-mastery in the workplace
  • discover new and exciting options for career change
  • create a more meaningful career that meets your professional goals
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My signature 3-month and 6-month executive and career coaching programs include:

Executive Coaching for Women

Getting clear on your feminine power, who you are at the core and the unique brilliance you bring to any employer is the foundation of our work together.

I will help you address the “hidden” barriers and professional challenges that many women face today.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Am I overloaded at balancing personal life, family and work priorities?
  • Why am I missing out on high-profile work opportunities or internal promotions?
  • How can I go about building more supportive work relationships and internal advocates?
  • Am I subconsciously lowering my expectations and clinging to limiting beliefs that stunt my confidence and growth?
  • How can I increase my leadership presence and consistently communicate with power and confidence?
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Career Momentum Coaching Program

You can have a career that is in sync with your passion, skills and interests. Whether you are considering a new career or looking to move forward in your current career, I can help you re-imagine, re-package and re-position yourself for lasting career success and job satisfaction.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Should I stay at my current job or go? Things are not bad, but they are not great. What do I do now?
  • I need to consider whether a new job or a new career is necessary. Where do I start?
  • This job leverages my skills and expertise, but I’m not happy. Should I switch careers and find something else?
  • I’m ready for new challenges in my job. How do I move forward while maintaining my professional relationships and reputation?
  • Something is off with my career situation. I just know I’m not as happy as I used to be. How do I figure out what’s wrong and fix it?
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Inner Breakthrough Coaching Program

Reaching a higher level of success means taking a personal “dig-deep” journey.

Getting clear on your value proposition and personal brand.

Exploring how to align your unique brilliance with a career or business you love.

I will guide you to achieving BOLD, but attainable goals.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • What I am after is lot more than just a new job or career, I want to make a difference in the world. How do I translate passion and purpose into a plan?
  • I love my career and enjoy great success, but it comes at a cost. How do I find healthy balance between work demands and my personal and family needs?
  • I coming to the close of a great career and look forward to retirement. What things should I be doing to have a smooth transition from one life/career stage to another?
  • I know my talents, strengths and skills, but I want to know more about my spiritual gifts and how to use them. How can I apply them to my career and my life?
  • I have reached a significant milestone age and realize that I have so many unfinished goals. Where do I begin?
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Coaching Program Lengths:

The Tune Up: You get 5 coaching sessions over 7 weeks – ideal for getting back on track with job search efforts, refreshing career advancement goals, and strengthening internal promotion strategies.

Investment: $900 (full pay) | 2 payments of $475

The Elevation: You get half VIP day with plus 10 coaching sessions over 3-month period – ideal for career exploration, elevating from manager to leadership roles, identifying personal growth obstacles and correcting self-sabotaging behaviors.

Investment: $2,500 (full pay) | 3 payments of $865

The Transformation: You get full VIP day plus 15 sessions over 6-month period – ideal for understanding leadership strengths/style, finding your voice at work, making impact as leader and building personal confidence.

Investment: $4,500 (full pay) | 6 payments $765

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What You Get:

I have a strategic and intuitive approach to coaching….and I believe in dealing with the whole person.

Don’t let fear, hesitation or reservations about your personal success keep you trapped.

By working with me, we get to the source of that blockage so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

I guide you in creating a whole personal vision for where you want to be in your career and in life

And then help you develop specific plans to get you there.

All coaching programs include:

  • Initial behavioral and branding assessments
  • Extensive personal and professional diagnostic questionnaire
  • Personal reflection and goal setting journal (3-month and 6-month coaching programs)
  • 45 to 60-minute coaching sessions (phone / Skype / in-person)
  • Private, online portal with access to my proprietary coaching tools, templates, checklists and highly recognized, reliable assessments like Strengths Finder, DISC, Skills Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Values and more
  • Unwavering support, guidance, accountability and mentoring

Wish you were happier in your job or career? Longing for a career that means more to you than a fat paycheck? Need to feel more confident, more in control and more at ease in your current leadership role? Let’s talk!

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Why My Coaching Programs Work

Call me the eternal optimist, but I just like seeing everyone win!

For as long as I can remember, I had the natural ability to connect with others and help them get confident.

My goal is to help professionals embrace their true career and personal life goals without restriction or hesitation.

What I love most of coaching my clients is experiencing them reach that breakthrough and “aha” moment in their lives.

When you show up as powerful and authentic in your life, personal and professional success has to follow.

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