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Abby is a fantastic personal brand coach!

What defines her best from the myriad of other brand coaches is that she delivers on her promise to build power brands that helps executives advance with confidence and clarity. She is a great listener, very focused and strategic. Most important, she gives hope in the situations when you need it most.”

M. Barnes, Global Communications Advisor

Are you ready to…

  • Secure highly competitive internal promotions and coveted senior roles?
  • Overhaul your executive branding so you can land a senior-level job?
  • Revamp and re-brand your lackluster executive resume ?
  • Develop a compelling board resume to get corporate board placement?
  • Execute a targeted, multifaceted job search to move your career forward?
  • Advance to #1 candidate position in executive job interviews?

I work with top executives who are great at their craft, but simply struggle with “selling themselves”

I help you to identify your brand, articulate your value proposition and optimize your career communications.

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Stand out with a clear, recognizable and desirable executive brand

With a changing, evolving job market, the ability to stand out and be differentiated is critical.

Today’s job market is just different, very different.

Just simply look at your own career situation.

For years, top-paying opportunities found you, right?

Employers competed to get you onboard…you kept advancing and moving up.

But today, the next steps of your professional career journey are unclear.

You’re still talented, your accolades still count, but reaching key decision makers takes more effort.

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Why executive branding is important

Being qualified for any job is good, but it’s not enough.

Employers are looking for more in their executive candidates.

Understanding your brand strengths, irresistible factors and leadership value to employers is paramount.

Differentiate yourself from your colleagues.

A powerful executive brand is specific, cuts through the clutter and speaks directly to your target audience.

As tempting as it is, you CANNOT market yourself to everyone.

Your executive brand must have a common theme across your online, print and verbal marketing materials.

Real, long-lasting career success needs these factors:

  • Clarity on your leadership value proposition
  • Confidence in your brand and leadership strengths
  • Compelling, storytelling in your resume and career branding documents
  • Conviction to pursue BOLD professional and career goals
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Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements

Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements in a career path that wasn’t exactly linear. Now my resume stands out and describes succinctly what skills and experience I bring to an employer. Thanks to my powerful resume I have found my next career opportunity and I could not be happier.” I. Fernandez, Vice President

Look-a-like executive resumes keeps you invisible

Standard executive resume writing and career growth strategies don’t work anymore.

Sure, a well-written executive resume is a great conversation starter. But what’s next?

  • What happens when your competition has outstanding executive resumes?
  • Who stands out when you are both highly qualified?

Knowing how to reinvent and market yourself effectively is your best weapon and executive branding helps.

Executive branding ensures that your executive resume shows value proposition and leadership distinction.

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Online and social branding count too!

Employers will “meet” you through online and social media profiles before they get your executive resume.

Your online brand and web presence are just as important as your executive resume and career documents.

Your online career story should align with your offline marketing messages 

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Executive branding + executive resume writing + online visibility

When you are ready for more than a new executive resume, that’s where I come into the picture…

As your executive brand strategist and one of the top 10 executive resume writers, I promise to:

  • Ask you the right, thought-provoking, coaching and branding questions
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself, your strengths and your capabilities
  • Identify your strengths / leadership value with proprietary branding and coaching tools
  • Express your value in executive resumes, board resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and executive bios.
  • Re-energize, re-focus and revive your executive career and job search goals.
  • Hold you accountable on immediate actions, job search efforts and results
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I highly recommend Abby as a career and brand strategist.

“Abby is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator with a unique writing ability to bring your competitive positioning to life. Her exclusive branding system is a powerful, impactful journey that will introduce you to yourself along the way to establishing your value proposition and setting you apart from the crowd.” – L. Prout, CIO

Ready to embark on new journey of career success?

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