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Abby is a fantastic personal brand coach!

What defines her best from the myriad of other brand coaches is that she delivers on her promise to build power brands that helps executives advance with confidence and clarity. She is a great listener, very focused and strategic. Most important, she gives hope in the situations when you need it most.”

M. Barnes, Global Communications Advisor

If your executive resume and career marketing efforts keep missing the mark, you cannot do it alone.

You have reached the right place if you are ready to…

  • Land a senior-level role, but your executive brand needs a major overhaul
  • Compete effectively and strategically for internal promotions and higher-level roles
  • Launch a multifaceted job search for the first time in many years
  • Join corporate boards, but need a board resume and help with getting selected
  • Revamp and re-brand your lackluster executive resume but desperately need professional help
  • Excel at selling yourself in interviews so you stop being the #2 or #3 candidate again

I collaborate with forward-thinking directors, Vice Presidents and global executives who simply struggle with “selling themselves”.

I help them increase their brand reputation, become sought after leaders and earn the salaries that they deserve.

Have employers and recruiters chasing you instead of the other way around…

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Stand out with a clear, recognizable and desirable personal brand!

The executive job search has definitely changed

I know that you can tell that things are different in today’s job market. I mean, just look at your own career situation.

For years, top-paying opportunities found you. Employers competed to get you onboard and you were always moving up.

But today, your professional progress and career journey feeling lackluster at best.

You are still the same great person, your accolades still shine, but why does it seem like you are not being seen or heard?

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Is it your executive resume or the job market?

The new world of work can be confusing and intimidating for even the most accomplished and experienced executives.

Mobile work spaces, changing corporate priorities, and tough job competition are just a few factors that you have to deal with.

New technologies are moving at an accelerated rate of growth and digital messaging and online branding has become standard.

Embracing personal branding and understanding your unique value proposition are essential not optional.

You have to differentiate yourself from your colleagues.

So what does all of this mean for you as an executive?

It means that the executive resume writing, job search and career growth strategies used in the past will NOT work in today’s climate.

Remember, the job hunt is all about marketing YOU!

Success in today’s executive job hunt and being successful in your lifelong career endeavors much more than a great executive resume.

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I offer everything you need to identify your brand, articulate your value proposition and optimize your career communications for maximum career growth.” – Abby Locke

A great executive resume is not enough!

Standard,  “me-oriented” executive resumes are out

Today’s executive resume is SO much more than a flat, historical career document.

Your executive resume should be a powerful, hard-hitting document. It should showcase your talents, personal brand and unique promise of value.

Value proposition, not qualifications, gets you hired

Being qualified is a start, but how do you stand out? You need an executive resume that does more than tell your career history.

You need a brand-focused, career marketing document that shows employers why they should hire you…period!

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Online and social branding boosts your job search

Think that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn don’t make sense for your industry? Think again…

Over 85% of employers and recruiters will search your online and social media profiles even if they love your executive resume.

Your online brand, social media activities and web presence are just as important as what you do offline in your executive resume.

Without a strong online presence or consistent executive brand reputation, the competition will knock you out of the race.

“Being social online is fast becoming critical to being a world-class brand…a social brand is no longer optional” – Forbes Insights

A look-a-like executive resume keeps you invisible

Sure, a well-written, compelling executive resume is a great conversation starter. But what’s next?

  • What happens if you and your competition have outstanding executive resumes?
  • Who stands out when you are both highly qualified?

Your best executive resume should “scream” value proposition and leadership distinction.

Your online career story should align with your offline marketing messages so you can stand out!

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Why executive branding is important

Being qualified for any job is good, but it’s not enough. Employers are looking for more in their executive candidates.

It is essential that you understand your brand strengths, irresistible factor and leadership value to employers at all times.

A powerful personal brand is specific, helps you to cut through the competition and speaks directly to your target audience.

As tempting as it is, you CANNOT and should not market yourself to everyone.

Your personal brand must articulate a common theme across your online, print and verbal messages to differentiate you.

To achieve and experience real, long-lasting career success, you will need:

  • Clarity on your leadership value proposition
  • Confidence in your brand and leadership strengths
  • Comprehensive, storytelling messages in brand-focused career documents
  • Conviction to pursue BOLD professional and career goals
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Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements.

Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements in a career path that wasn’t exactly linear. Now my resume stands out and describes succinctly what skills and experience I bring to an employer. Thanks to my powerful resume I have found my next career opportunity and I could not be happier.” I. Fernandez, Vice President

Executive resume writing + executive branding

When you are ready for more than a new executive resume, that’s where I come into the picture…

As your executive brand strategist and one of the top 10 executive resume writers, I promise to:

  • Ask you the right, thought-provoking, coaching and branding questions
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself, your strengths and your market value
  • Hold you accountable on immediate actions, job search efforts and results
  • Identify your strengths and value proposition through proprietary assessments and coaching tools
  • Communicate your value proposition in executive resumes, board resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and executive bios.
  • Re-energize, re-focus and revive your executive career and job search goals.

I highly recommend Abby as a career and brand strategist.

“Abby is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator with a unique writing ability to bring your competitive positioning to life. Her exclusive branding system is a powerful, impactful journey that will introduce you to yourself along the way to establishing your value proposition and setting you apart from the crowd.” – L. Prout, CIO

Ready to embark on new journey of career success?

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Abby offers 20-plus years of experience working with global executives, emerging leaders and board members in United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America and the Caribbean.

Her services include executive resume writing, executive branding, executive resumes, executive bios, LinkedIn profile development and career coaching for professionals in a wide array of industry sectors and career paths.

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