Abby Locke is the principal of a global executive coaching, resume writing and career branding firm in DC.

I help emerging leaders, executives, mid-careerists and high-performing professionals who struggle with self-marketing to

…discover their passion, strengths and unique brilliance

…get clear about the gifts they bring to the world

…gain confidence and courage to go after BOLD career goals

Abby’s mission is to help everyone win and succeed…in their careers, business and life.

She combines a solid business / MBA background with powerful, intuitive and courageous coaching strategies that shift people forward to dramatic personal and professional growth.

In many cases, she helps her clients reach bold, “never-imagined” professional goals.

Respected for her keen, practice advice and thought leadership, Abby has been featured in major media publications and TV stations including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Essence Magazine,, Channel USA-9 and BBC Capital.

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In addition to serving private clients around the globe, Abby is frequently retained by corporate and government entities in the Washington DC for coaching and training engagements.

More recently, she served as the Senior Career Management Coach at NASA Headquarters where she provided career advancement and professional development to 1,100 employees including executive women, senior managers, new supervisors and emerging leaders.

She was also instrumental in coaching and guiding several senior-level professionals to achieve the highly competitive Senior Executive Service (SES) rank. 

Abby has provided career coaching and professional development services at State Department for retiring Foreign Service Officers; MBA students at Georgetown University, George Washington University and American University.

A true proponent of ongoing self-development and growth, she has premium certifications including Executive & Leadership Development Coach, Master Resume Writer, Get-Clear, Get-Focused, Get-Hired Coach and Personal Branding Strategist.

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Are you ready to leverage your gifts, talents and strengths with the world?

Key success steps that I have learned (and continue to learn) on my personal journey were pivotal in elevating my brand and achieving personal success are the building blocks for my signature executive coaching and personal branding programs.

To date, I designed and developed a “first-of-its-kind” executive branding program, ABrandYou™ and I use this in combination with the proprietary, “Discover Your Executive Brand with Archetypes” brand assessment.

This revolutionary program blends the patented principles of personal branding, strengths-based coaching and strategic career analysis to help my clients propel their careers and lives forward.

Whether you are an executive competing for high-paying positions, a senior professional ready to become a consultant or a successful woman leader tired of bumping up against glass ceiling barriers, I have the right solutions for you.

I invite to schedule a 30-minute breakthrough discovery session with me, if you’re finally ready to:

  • accelerate your career growth and success through innovative self-marketing strategies
  • increase your personal potential through rapid career promotion and new leadership roles
  • explore career options that leverage your transferable skills for a smooth career change
  • cut through intense market competition and stand out as senior leader in your industry
  • improve your results with landing higher paying, high-profile jobs that align with your passion

Isn’t this what we all want in the end?
The freedom to make choice and live life on our own terms.

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