Business Coaching & Consulting

Does this describe you?

  • You LOVE consulting and serving your clients, but you’re not convinced your business will ever support you financially
  • You see so many other consultants and coaches reaching 6-figure income, but STILL can’t figure out how they’re doing it
  • You’re always giving away your time and expertise for free and lowering your fees just to land ideal clients
  • You struggle with marketing and social media strategies because it feels unnatural and inauthentic
  • You get people into a sales conversation, but getting them to say “yes” to your offer is hit or miss

My business coaching services give you support, accountability and more importantly specific results.

Options are VIP Days, 3-month and 6-month programs.

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My signature programs are:

How to Package, Price & Sell Your Consulting Services

Ideal for new and experienced consultants (coaches and solopreneurs) who want an accelerated program to help them quickly design and launch (or relaunch) their programs and services.

Fast-track, VIP day program covers:

  • how to leverage and package your expertise into value-based consulting services
  • how to select the best pricing models for your services that align with your income goals
  • how to get more ideal clients/prospects to say “yes” to your consulting services
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Employee to Entrepreneur: 6 Steps to Building a Lucrative Consulting Business

Ideal for individuals who want to transition from traditional 9-to-5 employment to consulting or service-based business.

Highly structured, 6-month coaching and mentoring program takes you from business branding and concept to identifying your niche and pricing your services.

Specific Coaching Modules:

  • Adopting the Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Developing Your Business Brand
  • Finding Your Lucrative Niche
  • Designing Services/Packages That Sell
  • Charging What You’re Worth & Getting It
  • Creating Your Six-Figure Profit Pyramid
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How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It®

Ideal for new consultants (coaches/solopreneurs) or experienced business owners who want to stop struggling with fees so they can handle any pricing situation with confidence and integrity.

Solve the “what do I charge” problem, assess your existing pricing model and understand the real value of your services so you can increase your fees and stabilize your business income.

VIP Day Program includes but not limited to:

  • Taking the 15-point, Money Leaks Assessment – you will be shocked how $$$ is slipping through your fingers
  • Determining accurate cost of doing business and delivering your consulting service – it’s always higher than you think
  • Assessing your value against the 12 “Perfect Pricing” models – the hourly pricing model is NOT the only way to go
  • Giving yourself a 20-40% – based on tangible results you are ALREADY creating for your clients
  • Using the Authentic Pricing Guide to successfully transition from hourly pricing
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Standard 3-month business coaching programs

Ideal for consultants, coaches and solopreneurs who want to address key business growth, client-attraction and pricing strategies through ongoing business coaching and mentoring with Abby.

Common topics include, but not limited to:

  • Clarify your business mission and vision
  • Explore the right business model for your lifestyle and goals
  • Develop your core brand and marketing messages
  • Link your areas of expertise to most profitable niche
  • Develop your ideal client profile and desired outcomes
  • Brainstorm new consulting programs, services and packages
  • Select ideal pricing model and price your consulting services
  • Design your 6-figure profit building blueprint
  • Create a sales process and sales script
  • Systematize your business and get organized
  • Determine systems to leverage time and productivity
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