Career Change Program

You want a career change, you just don’t know what’s next and what’s best for you.

Experience and benefit from this dynamic, comprehensive career transition program that will…

  • guide you through the bumpy road of career change and transition
  • re-connect you with your passions, interests and career goals
  • help you identify what’s possible for you in world of work
  • position you to launch a highly effective job search in new field
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This Career Change Program Works For Professionals Who Are

  • Seeking significant career reinvention and transformation
  • Looking to strategically transition into a whole different career
  • Wanting to review their strengths/experience to find new career options

Phase 1 (Coaching, Exploration, Clarification)

  • Individual coaching sessions (45-60-minutes) to go through StrengthsFinder assessment, Branding with Archetypes, Value to Employers, Career Master F.I.T. and discussion of ideal job targets, potential career option and new career opportunities

Phase 2 (Career Analysis, Impact/Results, Brand Positioning)

  • Individual coaching sessions sessions (45-60-minutes) to go over career chronology, identify high-impact achievements, address any employment challenges and cover specific career and job search related content
  • **Development of professional resume and career documents for branding and job search activities (See options below)***

Phase 3: (Self-Promotion, Career Marketing)

  • Strategic 13-step, career marketing plan on how to leverage your strengths in networking, recruiter meetings and informational interviews for a multifaceted job search
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Executive Resume & Career Portfolio Options:

  • Branded resume (black/white or creative design) with final versions Word, PDF, ATS-compliant and ASCII (text)
  • Branded LinkedIn profile, complete with summary and concisely written job descriptions and achievements
  • Branded career biography written in narrative form covering general career background and high impact spotlights
  • Cover letters/value proposition letters for job referrals, personal contacts and executive recruiters
  • Critical Leadership Initiatives that showcases your top 3-4 career-defining leadership initiatives and career success stories
  • Networking resume, “slimmed down” resume with brief synopsis of career wins, industry focus and expertise areas

Investment: $1,500 to $3,500 depending on final program customization

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