Who I Work With

I specialize in delivering breakthrough success through executive coaching, resume writing and career marketing solutions.

My client base includes: 

President- Chairman – Managing Director – Chief Principal

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Chief Operating Office (COO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and other C-Level Executives

Executive Vice President – Vice President – Associate Vice President

Executive Director – Senior Director – Director – Assistant Director

Emerging Leaders – Senior Leader – Senior Manager – Regional Manager

My typical clients holds 15-20+ years’ experience in organizational leadership and executive management roles who earn between $100K to $500K and are at a crossroad where they…

  • Want high-level, personalized services like executive branding, career marketing and profile boosting strategies
  • Are open to comprehensive, coaching sessions that provide deep introspection on individual strengths, leadership capabilities, passion and purpose
  • Recognize the value of personal branding and raising their industry reputation for accelerated professional success
  • Want to move beyond standard managerial and team lead roles and compete for more senior positions

My typical client’s background and area of expertise:

Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Media and Technology in broad scope of industries

My clients are literally located throughout the world:

Canada, Caribbean, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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