Consultant Branding Portfolio

Make a strong impression with key decision makers and prospective clients.

While you may be engaged in a lot of online and social media networking activities (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), as a consultant and solopreneur, you will be required at times to submit a hard copy of your background, expertise and consulting capabilities.

I highly recommend that my clients have an updated and visually attractive marketing kit that contains the following documents:

  • Leadership / CEO Bio – covers your personal background, relevant career successes and big name clients
  • Corporate Bio – gives brief synopsis of company background, location, industry and niche market
  • Capabilities Statement – describes in detail your or your company’s capabilities, core consulting services, differentiating factors, industry experiences, business and government certifications and personnel background.
  • Critical Leadership Initiatives / Case Studies – captures your top business results in Challenge-Action-Results format for deeper analysis of your business, leadership and consulting capabilities.

With a solid background in executive-level career writing, branding and marketing, I am happy to work with you on your consultant marketing kit. The process is simple and straightforward, you provide me with the details through a comprehensive interviewing/branding process and I take care of the writing for you.

Samples of consultant marketing documents: