Executive Career Reboot

Reboot Your Brand…Revive Your Passion…Recharge Your Career

You do your job well. Well, you show up every day, you work hard and you are respected…but something is still missing.

You are not unhappy, but you are not fully engaged either.

You can easily stay at your company for a few more years, but you are not sure if that’s the right decision for you.

  • Feeling like you are in a career rut and need to recharge and re-ignite your career?
  • No longer on the short list of top candidates for promotions and high-profile projects?
  • Hesitant to speak up and share your expertise at work because you feel disconnected?
  • Not getting calls or requests from recruiters for high-paying, hard-to-fill positions?
  • Wondering if you have literally become incompatible and obsolete in your own career?

Every career goes through cycles and seasons, but like everything in life, if you don’t actively feed your career and professional interests, you can end up in a career slump.

Maybe you have been with same company, the same industry or even the same position for so long that you’ve lost sight of your value proposition, your real leadership strengths and ultimate value to employers.

Whatever the reason, it may be time for an executive brand reboot.

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The Executive Career Reboot Program Gives You and Your Career A Recharge

You get a fresh look at your executive brand and career from an internal perspective (leadership strengths, brand promise and value proposition) and an external perspective (brand reputation, accomplishments and career distinction).

  • Get crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for as a professional (brand promise + reputation)
  • Identify what makes you unique and distinctive from your industry colleagues (value proposition + career distinction)
  • Evaluate what your executive brand means for you and your career at this point (career focus + direction)
  • Leverage your brand strengths so you show up more confident and consistent in your workplace (self-promotion + career marketing)
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What You Get…

The Executive Career Reboot is an accelerated coaching, branding and mentoring program to breathe life, energy and vitality back into your career.

It is designed to get you past being stuck and complacent in your career and to give you the motivation to reset your career goals.

The 60-day program comes with the following:Abby Locke, The Brand Brilliance Coach

  • Half-VIP Day plus five (5), private, 60-minute coaching sessions with Abby Locke
  • Proprietary brand strengths assessment to evaluate the current effectiveness of your online and offline brand 
  • Complete SWOT analysis on career to identify gaps, perceived weaknesses and opportunities for personal growth
  • Personalized Executive Career Roadmap including a strategicself-marketing plan, network building plan, and brand identity (social media, LinkedIn) plan so you can take action immediately
  • Your own drafts of your elevator pitch, career success stories, email scripts, introductory letters and more
  • Access to Abby’s private database of worksheets, templates, resources and videos so you stay engaged through out the program
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The Executive Career Reboot Program is right for you if:

— You’ve gotten to a place in your career where you’re always wondering if this is all there is

— You’re afraid that if you don’t do something soon, you’ll miss out on creating a career legacy you can be proud of

— You’re committed to looking at what’s not working in your career and doing whatever it takes to get back on track

Investment: $1,200 (full pay) | 3 payments of $450


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