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Global Executive Resume Writer

Career & Leadership Development Coach

“We all have a powerful brand and a compelling story to tell. I work with you to bring that story to life on paper, online and in person” – Abby M. Locke

Abby Locke is more than just an executive resume writer.

She is a personal branding strategist, a confidence builder, a catalyst for BOLD career goals and a great career storyteller.

For 20-plus years, Abby has engaged with clients from across the US and around the world to help them uncover their personal brand, understand their value proposition and really find their voice in today’s competitive workplace.

She is passionate about helping others to succeed by making BOLD changes in their lives and careers.

Abby’s takes all her clients through very structured, thought-provoking strategy, personal branding and career coaching sessions to propel them forward.

Clients have repeatedly walked away with:

  • a renewed definition of personal success
  • a higher level of boldness and self-confidence
  • an “eye-opening” view of their value to employers
  • a rich vocabulary to describe their leadership strengths
  • powerful branding and career documents for self-marketing

Her mastery with words result in well-written, compelling and razor-sharp executive resumes and executive career documents.

Typical career portfolio elements include executive resume, board resumes, LinkedIn profile, executive career bio that highlight leadership differentiation and career distinction.

I can take you from unknown executive to highly visible contender!

After working with her within two weeks, I had two exciting job offers in hand. I was able to negotiate with both employers from a position of strength because my accomplishments and value were clearly articulated. One employer complimented my resume several times, thanking me for making her job easier”. – F. Russell, Director of Product Marketing

Discovery session with Abby Locke
Executive resume writing service
Executive resume samples

Industry Leadership Highlights:

  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Essence Magazine,, Channel USA-9 and BBC Capital.
  • Published resume samples in top industry publications like Top Notch Executive Resumes, Sales and Marketing Resumes for $100K Careers and Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives.
  • Retained multi-industry career expert and career consultant at State Department, NASA, Foreign Service Institute, Georgetown University (MBA program) and Lee Hecht Harrison.
  • Trusted by global clients with long-term careers at Hyatt, Lockheed Martin, Google, Disney, Gucci, Dell EMC, Bank of America, Boeing, NBC Universal, Hyatt, Boeing, Ingersoll-Rand and Coca-Cola.
  • Served as résumé consultant and career expert for Women-for-Hire career fairs and Washington DC’s National Career Fairs.
  • Contributed and authored career articles for the,,,,, and and more.
Discovery session with Abby Locke

Industry Certifications:

A true proponent of ongoing self-development, learning and growth, Abby has premium industry certifications:

  • Master Resume Writer
  • Academy Certified Resume Writer
  • Executive & Leadership Development Coach
  • Career Management Coach
  • Get-Clear, Get-Focused, Get-Hired Coach
  • Personal Branding Strategist

Abby has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Clark University and MBA from Boston University.

Discovery session with Abby Locke
Abby’s executive resume writing services

Industry Publications:

As a published author, Abby has distinctive executive résumé samples in national career bestsellers including

  • Top Notch Executive Résumés
  • Nail the Résumé! Great Tips for Creating Dynamite Résumés
  • Same-Day Résumé
  • Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book
  • 30-Minute Resume Makeover
  • Happy About My Resume
  • Sales and Marketing Resumes for $100,000 Careers
  • Directory of Professional Resume Writers
  • Jobseeker’s Guide for Working For Executive Recruiters
Discovery session with Abby Locke
Abby’s executive resume writing services

Benefits from Working with Abby:

  • Better positioned for executive career growth
  • More confidence in navigating today’s work world
  • Greater insight on executive brand and value proposition
  • Get rich vocabulary of authentic interviewing and networking talking points

Executive Brand Strategist & Executive Resume Writer – Serving clients in New York (NYC), Sydney, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Austin and around globe

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