Why Work with Abby

I have repeatedly devised powerful career marketing solutions that helped executives like you secure new jobs, advance in existing companies and build highly successful careers.

  • achieve your executive career goals faster…
  • advance up the corporate ladder with confidence…
  • have clarity and direction regarding your executive career path…
  • experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life…

Whether you are knee-deep in a fruitless executive job search, simply tired of being overlooked for internal company roles or realize you cannot leave your executive career future in someone else’s hands, you have reached the right place.

Savvy, forward-thinking executives like you seek visibility in their marketplace, truly understand their value and unique proposition and are always be prepared for the next opportunity.

Make the right decision for your career

Even the most accomplished executives can launch an ineffective career marketing campaign or postpone career management.

A lack of diligent preparation and proactive strategic career planning can often lead to LACKLUSTER RESULTS, FRUSTRATION, and DISCOURAGEMENT.

But that’s where I come in. I am Abby Locke, a career marketing architect, nationally recognized resume writer, and branding strategist.

CEOs, senior executives and emerging leaders have partnered with me for EXCLUSIVE, one-on-one, integrated career acceleration, career management and job search solutions.

Time and time again, I have conceptualized techniques that captured the best of my client’s PERSONAL BRAND, VALUE PROPOSITION, CAREER-DEFINING achievements, and PERSONALITY traits – both on paper and in person.

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